Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (2023)

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Every episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog has been terrifying in some way, but these are some of the scariest.

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (1)

Out ofGive courage to the cowardly dog It premiered in 1999 and made our dreams and nightmares come truefrightening images and existential fear. Located in the middle of nowhere, Kansas,Mutfollows the titular little purple dog as he tries to protect his owners, Muriel and Eustace Bagge, from the dangerous (and sometimes misunderstood) forces that land on their remote farm. The show's unique mixed art style and classic horror references were craftedMutThey are in the trauma centers of our brain.

For many,Mutwas an introduction to the aesthetic and conceptual possibilities of the horror genre; This dog was our guide to new horror stories and let us know that fear is okay, even normal. And while most of us have likely found new fears to fill our nightmares, the gist of those bloodcurdling images, eerie sounds, and disturbing concepts is outMutThey still live in the depths of our minds. Every episode was terrifying in some way, but these are some of the scariest.


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The "gripping foot" seesMutget overSubgenre des Body-Horrors. Eustace gets athlete's foot, which quickly develops, affecting the farmer's entire body and turning into a giant, hideous purple foot. And this mushroom foot is not only alive, but also sentient: a walking, talking gang of five led by the single big toe. Big Toe and the gang threaten to destroy Muriel, forcing Courage to commit the crime on her behalf.

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Seeing Eustace's body completely infested with the fungus seems like something straight out of Cronenberg's work. The episode likely introduced children around the world to the basic concept of body horror. namely, the total loss of body-self to something else. Eustace's mushroom might not have been a terrible nightmare, let's say:Muchabut that's how I felt at the time.

19 Quiltclub

"The Quilt Club" is one of the more aesthetically somber episodesMut, with dingy, drab background elements and a haunting organ theme. Muriel and Courage meet Elisa and Eliza Stitch, conjoined twins who run a local craft shop. Muriel is obsessed with creating samples that earn her a spot in the twins' exclusive club, forgoing chores and even Eustace and Courage.

The Stitch sisters eventually accept Muriel, which Courage discovers is a trap: the "club" is the sisters' own blanket, a vessel that traps the souls of its members to feed Elisa and Eliza's eternal life. Courage destroys the quilt and reminds Muriel of her family, which in turn turns the Stitch Sisters into a piece of cloth. The idea of ​​Muriel being trapped in a blanket is scary enough for a child, but the fact that she consciously put herself in the situation to "fit in" ismore existential fearHere.

18 Oxenfrosch Festival

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (4)

In "The Festival of the Bullfrogs", a group of giant bullfrogs led by King Bufo invade Bagge's homestead to make it their new pond. Under threat of violence, the frogs prevail. They even end up forcing Muriel and Eustace to act like the frogs that live in their pond. But that's not the end, because Bufo wants to eat his new charges during a festive feast.

Of course, Courage manages to save its owners with a mix of hilarious and cartoonish shenanigans. What's particularly creepy about this episode is how Bufo and the gang force Bagge into being frogs to the point where they can only "talk" cackling.

17 Night of the Werewolf

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (5)

As the title suggests, Night of the Werewolf is a gameclassic werewolf stories. While tending her garden, Muriel is bitten by the eponymous mole and eventually transforms into a vicious beast herself. dr Vindaloo isn't helpful, instead he was attacked by Muriel and later transformed. The plot of this episode is extremely simple, but Muriel's performance as a monster is undeniably bizarre. It's one of manyMutEpisodes ending on a cliff where Eustace is in danger and being attacked by a transformed Vindaloo.

16 Angry weevil

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (6)

We all like to think we're helping someone in need, but Evil Weevil scares viewers away from such practices. In this episode, Eustace accidentally bumps into a humanoid fly with his truck. Muriel insists on bringing the bug to their house, offering him dessert as an apology for the accident. But what starts out as a simple conversation - albeit with a human bug - over dessert quickly turns spooky when Courage realizes the bug is literally sucking Eustace and Muriel dry. The idea itself is nightmarish, but worse still, Muriel and her family are cosmically punished for good deeds. This is enough to make any child think twice before helping a stranger.

15 shadow of courage

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (7)
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One of the show's earliest episodes, The Shadow of Courage, exemplifies the basis of the show and its villains. When an old scientist suddenly dies, his shadow has nowhere to go and scares the locals before scaring himself by fleeing to Bagge Farm. Shadow torments the family all night, even forcing Eustace to flee to safety in his pickup truck. With no other choice, Courage talks to the shadow, who tells him that his true dream is to become the shadow of a star. Instead, it becomes the shadow of the stars in the sky at Courage's command.

Shadow imitations are scarysometimes even brutal. To scare Courage, the shadow shows Muriel being decapitated, cut in half with a circular saw, burned at the stake, and more. Still, the shadow is not without redemption. Like many of the series' villains, the shadow is villainous only because it's misunderstood.

14 Windmill Vandals

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (8)

"Windmill Vandals" is one of the few episodesMutwhere the threat is recognized and dealt with by all three members of the Bagge family. The episode tells the story of the legendary windmill vandals who ravaged the town of Nowhere 250 years earlier and their defeat at the hands of the farmer who built Bagge's house, Jiles Galette.

With magical runes on his windmill, Galette kept the vandals at bay as long as the mill turned. As it ends in the present, the Vandals return as skeletal warriors, complete with skeletal horses and realistic weapons like swords and axes. Unlike many of the more stylized villains inMutThe Vandals look more realistic, which makes them feel like a different kind of threat.

13 Everyone wants to direct

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (9)

When famed director Benton Tarantella knocks on the door of a farmhouse, Muriel and Eustace are surprised at the possibility of fame and fortune. So much so that they don't realize that the director is clearly a zombie. The two strive to help Tarantella in any way they can, but Courage quickly finds out that Tarantella and his former partner, Errol von Volkheim,They were serial killerswho disguised themselves as directors to lure their victims. Tarantella died in prison, but von Volkheim was released and when he died he was buried just below the house.

Zombie projects are terrifying, but what really bugs me about this episode is that you hear about serial killers who murdered 12 people on a children's show.Mutwasn't the only show exploring horror in children's media at the time, but it may be one of the few to have a confirmed body count.

12 Car broken, phone yes

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (10)

The setup of Car Broke, Phone Yes is classic sci-fi horror. After Courage sees an asteroid land near the house, a mysterious stranger knocks on the door. It is a small man with a large coat and hat, from which only large eyes can be seen. When he talks, the man just says, "The car broke down, did the phone work?" but he doesn't even know how to use the phone.

Courage discovers the man is an alien - he only has one brain, two eyes and two tentacles - he seeks kindness and actually steals from Muriel. Disturbed at the thought of living with two unpleasant owners, Courage must defeat the alien to restore Muriel to normal. This is another episode that will make you think twice about showing kindness to strangers. Once again, Muriel is punished for doing the "right thing," while Eustace is temporarily rewarded for his cruelty.

11 Queen of the Black Puddle

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (11)

The episode "Queen of the Black Puddle" is arguably the show's most selfless act of courage, and that's saying a lot. In it, Eustace is seduced by the eponymous queen, a mermaid-like being who lives in the reflection of water. The queen easily takes Eustace with her to her kingdom, where she intends to eat him. Muriel is devastated by the loss of her husband and Courage saves Eustace out of love for her.

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The queen is beautiful in the style of Morticia Addams until she turns into a hideous fish monster bent on devouring the pawn. And given the skeletons lying on the floor of her hideout, it's quite clear that she's doing just that. Courage didn't have to go through all that, but as the saying goes, "The things I do for love."

10 Tolle Fusilli

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (12)
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The Great Fusilli alludes to the very real fear of losing complete control of yourself to someone else. Similar to Everyone Wants to Direct, in this episode Muriel and Eustace are kidnapped by a con man promising fame and fortune. This time it's an alligator named Big Fusilli who takes on the roles of Bagges in his traveling theater show. However, this is no ordinary stage show; It's a puppet show and Fusilli wants to add Bagges to her puppet collection. Courage manages to escape the alligator's clutches, but Muriel and Eustace are turned into dead puppets. Even after defeating Fusilla, Muriel and Eustace are puppets; The episode ends with Courage attempting to reestablish daily life with its newly vacated owners.

Since this episode was planned to be the series finale,some fans theorizethat everything that happens in the next three seasonsMutis invented, the delusions of a puppet dog of its former owners. Or maybe the computer just helped Courage find a cure.

9 mask

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (13)

The Mask is one of the scariest episodes of the series, but also one of the darkest thematically and surprisingly the cutest too. As is so often the case, a stranger shows up on the farm. This time it's a woman with a strange porcelain mask who, out of hatred for dogs, can't stop killing Courage. The woman turns out to be Kitty, and she is mulling over the loss of her best friend Bunny to abusive gangster Mad Dog. Courage manages to defeat Mad Dog and reunites Kitty and Bunny, with the former admitting that "not all dogs are bad".

This episode was acclaimed by fans not only for Kitty's creepy mask in the first half, but also for its honest portrayal of domestic violence. Kitty and Bunny's relationship is also often interpreted as romantic, a theory by Dilworth himselfconfirmed by Twitter.

8 cattle heads

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (14)

There is nothing like itsome cannibalismTraumatizing kids to make them afraid of the local burger. In Heads of Beef, Eustace and Courage try to find a cheap meal because Muriel is too ill to cook. When you come across a restaurant that says "burgers, really cheap," it seems too good to be true — maybe it is. Courage becomes suspicious when he finds a face in his burger and soon thinks he sees the owner's wife eating another customer's head.

But unlike most other episodesMutthis all turns out to be a misunderstanding. The viewer's courage and paranoia misinterpret the situation by making assumptions about what they are seeing. Still, the horrifying images and effects of cannibalism have certainly instilled a distaste for hamburgers in some children.

7 Courage in a big, smelly city

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (15)

Courage in the Big Stinky City isn't one of the scariest episodes in the entire series, but perhaps that's what makes the most infamous scene so terrifying. The Bagges arrive in New York; Muriel will play sitar at Radio City Music Hall. When they arrive, the family is intercepted by a giant cockroach named Schwick, who claims to be a stagehand. Schwick sends Courage in search of a mysterious package that leads the dog to an apartment building steeped in horror stories.

Behind every door is a monster: King Ghidorah, a shark and a seemingly normal little girl playing the violin. In a scene reminiscent of Large MargePee-wee's Big Adventure, the girl quickly turns to reveal a screaming clay face. Jump scares aren't often scary, but this children's show has one of the most effective, perhaps because it's so unexpected.

6 Overnight at Katz Motel

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (16)

Katz is a recurring villain on the series, with A Night at the Katz Motel serving as his introduction. As a clear homage toYummyIn this episode, Muriel, Eustace and Courage must take shelter during a storm on their way home. They find the eponymous motel and meet its owner, Katz, who secretly plans to feed his guests his collection of giant cannibal spiders.

Katz strikes with an imposing figure and his presence is accompaniedmenacing theme music. The most frightening thing about him, however, is his sadistic personality: he literally wants to play with his victim before killing them. Even if that means playing racquetball for courage, it's Katz's attitude that sells the horror.

5 Perfect

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (17)

"Perfect" is the final installment in the series, which ends on a remarkably hopeful note. In it, Eustace forces Courage to take classes from an older teacher who insists on perfection in everything the dog does. She constantly criticizes Courage for not being perfect, which causes her to have nightmares about her imperfections.

Many people seem to remember a nightmare involving a strange 3D character menacingly telling Courage that "you're not perfect," but all nightmares are extremely scary. Courage is shown when they have been hurt because of their mistakes or, worse, hurt those they love. This episode's focus on the fear of failure is rather dated for young viewers, but the message that our imperfections make us unique is a nice conclusion to the series.

4 The demon in the mattress

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (18)

"The Demon in the Mattress" is an episodethemed around the exorcistSo it's no surprise that he's one of themMutmost frightening. Instead of Pazuzu, Muriel becomes possessed by a demon in her new mattress, causing her to levitate, spit out vomit, and rotate her head completely. Courage even performs an exorcism to rid Muriel of the demon, despite it being far more stupid than anything the Bible says. The inspiration of this episode is very clear, which means the fear was way more intense than the kids expected.

3 house of dissatisfaction

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (19)

"House of Discontent" contains another one of theseMutthe most notorious images; the gigantic luminous white face of the Harvest Moon Spirit. Another harvesting season has come and is almost over, and once again Eustace hasn't grown anything on the farm. The farmer explains that he's fed up with growing anything that angers the spirit and causes chaos throughout the house.

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The ghost does everything it can to get rid of the Bagges farm, including causing trouble in the kitchen in a similar scenePoltergeist. What people remember being afraid of in this episode is Ghost himself, and with good reason. The live-action head is one of the most sinister images in the series: pure white skin, deep wrinkles and deep, jet-black eyes make the monster a terrifying sight.

2 Curse of King Ramses

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (20)

Even those who weren't watchingMutAdolescents are probably familiar with The Curse of King Ramses because of its profound effect on young viewers. ANDmystical egyptian tabletwas stolen, and when it ends up in Eustace's hands, all he can think about is how much money the find will bring him. Unfortunately for him, Muriel and Courage, the tablet is cursed and the spirit of King Ramses brings three plagues upon their home.

The plot of this episode is remarkably simple, but the CGI design of Ramses and the eerie, humming voice announcing, "Give back the record or lift my curse" are what linger in childhood nightmares well into adulthood remain. However, the Baggeses should have better taste in music: Ramses' jazz theme is an absolute banger.

1 Cursed Fred

Odcinki Scariest Courage, the cowardly dog, ranking (21)

Freaky Fred is undoubtedly one of themMutThe craziest episodes thanks to the title character and the unique storytelling style. Freaky Fred tells the story of Muriel's nephew visiting the farm through a grotesque sung tale that constantly reminds us that Fred has a penchant for "naughtiness". Fred is a thin man with a crooked smile and a menacingly sharp pair of scissors. He's got a nightmarish physique that's absolutely terrifying, even if his biggest crime is simply a bad haircut.

With the proliferation of horror media that plays with childish, spooky aesthetics, it's no surprise that "Freaky Fred" will resonate with audiences both past and present.


What is the most scariest episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog? ›

“Perfect” (Season 4, Episode 13)

The series ends with its most terrifying theme yet: perfection. If there's anything Courage is not known for, it's the attitude or personality of a perfectionist.

What is the creepy thing from Courage the Cowardly Dog? ›

5 Courage the Cowardly Dog: Freaky Fred

With his disturbing Cheshire grin, unsettling green eyes, and menacing furrowed brows, “Freaky Fred” is one of Courage the Cowardly Dog's most eerie and chill-inducing characters of the series.

Is Courage the Cowardly Dog supposed to be scary? ›

Most kids shows follow the same general guideline when it comes to terror. An episode or even a whole season can be creepy, but there's a line between cutesy spooky and traumatizing most shows never attempted to cross.

Who is the creepy guy in Courage? ›

Freaky Fred
Last Appearanceball of revenge
RelativesMuriel bagge (aunt) Eustace Bagge (uncle) Carole (mother) an unamed father Cajun fox (uncle-in-law)
Portrayer(s)Paul Schoeffler Ian James Corlett
11 more rows

What serial killer is Courage the Cowardly Dog based on? ›

David Parker Ray
Victims3+ survived 60+ murders suspected
Span of crimesc. 1957 – March 22, 1999 (Suspected)
CountryUnited States
State(s)New Mexico Arizona
9 more rows

What is the saddest episode of Courage? ›

"The Magic Tree of Nowhere", where the titular tree is killed by a jealous Eustace. As a result of the above, Courage gives the second longest of his signature screams in this episode not out of fear, but of grief, and towards the sky. Eustace actually cutting down the tree in a way.

Who was the strongest villain in Courage the Cowardly Dog? ›

Katz is responsible for some of the most violent moments in Courage the Cowardly Dog. He typically appears while operating a shady business that works as a front for his villainy. He tortures and kills his victims and then feeds them to his monsters. Katz is the most recurring antagonist and Courage's biggest threat.

Was freaky fred evil? ›

Eustace calls Fred a "Freak" and said in reference to him: "The freak's a barber, a freaky barber, with his own freaky barber shop, where freaky things happen, freaky barber things." He is considered to be one of the scariest villains in the series Courage has faced.

Who is the floating head in Courage the Cowardly Dog? ›

The Spirit of the Harvest Moon. The Spirit of the Harvest Moon is an antagonist from Courage the Cowardly Dog, appearing in the episode "The House of Discontent". He was voiced by Fred Melamed, who also voiced Cris Formage in the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise and Uncle Gumbald in Adventure Time.

Is Courage the Cowardly Dog safe for kids? ›

Parents need to know that this show isn't appropriate for any child young enough to believe in the reality of a cartoon character on any level. Every episode begins with Courage's owner's husband behaving in a nasty, abusive way to his wife and dog, and overall the show is about as violent and gross as it's possible…

Why did Courage the Cowardly Dog stop talking? ›

Courage's dialogue decreased after the first season. This is because the creators at Cartoon Network thought Courage "talked too much" and wanted his dialogue cut short. Lionel Wilson (Eustace) quit halfway through the series due to illness and was replaced by Arthur Anderson.

Does Courage the Cowardly Dog have PTSD? ›

It is from this episode and the others that we observe Courage's symptoms of PTSD, and separation anxiety. Symptoms of separation anxiety include extreme fear and nervousness when separated from a parent. It is common in many children , this has long resonated with Courage as a result of his PTSD.

Is Eustace Bagge evil? ›

Due to his abusive and mean-spirited nature, many fans consider Eustace as the worst and most hated character in the show. However, he is also the only villain fans hate and sympathize from time to time.

Does Eustace actually hate Courage? ›

Eustace's dislike for Courage is blatantly obvious, and it's rare for him to show kindness towards him. When Eustace goes out to buy a burger in "Heads of Beef," he buys one for Courage, as well. He even agrees to buy a pastry for Murial from a bakery.

What race is Muriel from Courage? ›

Muriel bagge
11 more rows

What type of dog is Courage? ›

Courage is the title character and protagonist of the series. An overly frightened pink beagle who lives in Nowhere, Kansas. Courage was abandoned as a puppy after his parents were sent into outer space, but was adopted by Muriel Bagge. Her husband Eustace regularly mistreats him.

What is Courage the Cowardly Dog real name? ›

Courage the Cowardly Dog follows Courage (Marty Grabstein), a kind yet easily frightened troublesome dog. He was abandoned as a puppy after his parents were sent into outer space by a crazed veterinarian.

Who is the serial killer in T or C NM? ›

In 1999, just two years after this film was released, the town of Truth or Consequences again attracted attention when it was discovered a serial killer named David Parker Ray had been torturing women there for several decades.

What episode is 1000 years of Courage? ›

Season 2 (2000–2001)
No. overallNo. in seasonTitle
16b3b"1000 Years of Courage"
Due to a meteor impacting the planet, Courage and his owners are hurled a thousand years into a future inhabited by banana people.
17a4a"Courage Meets the Mummy"
34 more rows

Why was Courage banned? ›

Apparently, it was owing to John Dilworth's decision that the show was discontinued. People speculated that had Dilworth wanted, he would have created new stories and episodes with the show but he had other interesting animations to work on. Thereby leading to the downfall of the cartoon.

Is Muriel blind from Courage? ›

After having her glasses stolen, Muriel says to Courage, "You know I can't hear you without my glasses." This suggests that Muriel is deaf, or at least partially deaf, and can read lips.

Why does Fred wear a scarf? ›

In a 2012 r/IAmA, Shaggy Rogers actor Matthew Lillard additionally revealed that the original cut of the 2002 Scooby-Doo film had Fred be revealed to be gay (which is why he always wore an ascot tie), and that Freddie Prinze Jr. had portrayed him as such throughout the film.

What skill did Freaky Fred have? ›

Powers and abilities: repulsive magnetism

Diego on Fred's gift. Fred has the powerful ability to repel people. He can induce an unbearably intense repulsion in those around him, which is useful when his life is at stake or when he wants to be left alone.

Who is the villain in Scooby-Doo Meets Courage? ›

Type of Villain

Le Quack is the secondary antagonist of the cartoon series Courage the Cowardly Dog and one of the two main antagonists of the 2021 crossover direct-to-video film Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog (alongside Katz).

Who is freaky Fred based off of? ›

Cousin Fred in "Freaky Fred", is based on the 'Sweeney Todd (Character)' - the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Is dog appropriate for 7 year olds? ›

Dog has a PG-13 rating

While the movie has been categorized as a comedy/family film, Dog earned a PG-13 rating for language, thematic elements, drug content, and some suggestive material, and that feels appropriate. The movie isn't really for kids under the age of 13 years old.

How old is Courage the dog? ›

'Full Name'Courage
9 more rows

Are dogs scared of little kids? ›

Some dogs are nervous about babies or even a bit afraid of them and go out of their way to avoid contact. If your dog seems a little worried about the new member of your family, you can teach her how to touch the baby with her nose on cue.

Is Courage purple or pink? ›

Courage the Cowardly Dog is the protagonist of the animated television series of the same name. He is a pink dog who was found by Muriel Bagge after he escaped from the Pets of Tomorrow vet clinic in the town of Nowhere, Kansas.

Why is Eustace so angry? ›

Eustace's frustrations also stem from greed and his constant efforts and failings to obtain large sums of money. This comes from a lack of self-worth imposed on him by his more successful brother, Horst.

What is the psychology behind Courage the Cowardly Dog? ›

According to the theory, Courage represents a young child trying to protect their mother from an abusive father. This idea would explain the dynamic between the three characters, especially Eustace's mistreatment of both his wife and their dog, who often takes on the role of their child in varying situations.

Does Elsa have PTSD? ›

In the film Frozen, the main character, Elsa, suffers from Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder. This stems from an event as a child in which she accidentally hurt her sister, Anna, when they are playing together.

What did the doctor do to courage the cowardly dog? ›

The Veterinarian was the one who was responsible for separating Courage from his parents as a puppy. He manipulated Courage's parents into talking with them alone, which was revealed to be a trick as he captured them.

Does Courage the Cowardly Dog have a happy ending? ›

As the episode ends, it is implied that Courage has accepted the fact that he is perfect the way he is, and eats at the dinner table with a happy Muriel and Eustace.

Did Eustace love Muriel? ›

Despite this, Eustace has shown a genuine love towards Muriel (though not unbending in the least) and has, on occasions, allied with Courage to protect her. He is immune to emotions but has a soft spot for children that remind him of himself.

Why does Eugene hate Courage? ›

[Courage the Cowardly Dog] The reason Eustace hates Courage so much is because Courage reminds him of himself as a child. Throughout the show, it is made clear that Eustace came from an abusive home.

What is Eustace Bagge's catchphrase? ›

Good Qualities. He can be quite funny and has very memorable quotes, such as "Stupid dog", "Ooga Booga Booga!", "What did I do?", "Big Deal.", "What's huh?", "Get away from me!", "Muriel, where's my dinner?!", and "No sir!

Does Eustace turn back into a human? ›

Reepicheep displays sympathy to Eustace's plight despite the boy's prior cruelty to the mouse and they eventually become friends. Eventually, Eustace meets Aslan, who returns him to human form by peeling off his dragon skin and sending him into a refreshing bath.

Who is the mother of Eustace Bagge? ›

Ma Bagge is Eustace Bagge's mother and one of the recurring antagonists of Courage The Cowardly Dog. She was voiced by the late Billie Lou Watt, who also voiced the McPhearson Phantom in the same show.

What ethnicity is Eustace? ›

MeaningEnglish form of Eustachius
Region of originAncient Greece
Other names
5 more rows

Do Muriel and Eustace have any kids? ›

Muriel and Eustace do have kids. They just never come over to visit, and for good reason. Or another reason for why they never visit: because they were raised by Eustace Bagge.

How tall is Muriel? ›

Muriel is a very large man, standing at 6'10.

Why does Muriel have an accent? ›

She's Voiced by Thea White

Still, White nails the role, with her marriage to a Scottish musician likely influencing Muriel's pitch-perfect accent.

What episode is mad dog in Courage the Cowardly Dog? ›

Mad Dog is the main antagonist of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Mask". He is a brown anthropomorphic dog/pimp who took Bunny away from Kitty to be his lover/prostitute. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.

What episode is freaky Fred in? ›

Freaky Fred is part two of the fourth episode of Season 1 of Courage the Cowardly Dog, which aired December 3, 1999, following The Demon in the Mattress. It was directed by John R. Dilworth and written by David Steven Cohen, with storyboard by Bill Marsilii.

Is Freaky Fred a bad guy? ›

Fred is the creepiest and most memorable Courage villain. Fred was a sadistic barber who appeared when he came to visit his aunt Muriel.

Who is Fred's imaginary dad? ›

Fred's Dad is Fred's father and Fred's Mom's ex-husband. He was not given a name in the web series, the movie trilogy, or the show, as he does not appear directly aside from his imagined stand-in in the movies. In It's Fred!, he makes an appearance and his full name was revealed to be Fergus Figglehorn.

Why is Eustace so mean to Muriel? ›

He has a dislike for Courage and often likes to scare him to near death or berate him. Eustace also tends to be demanding and often scolds Muriel for not having his dinner ready or just grunts angrily. He is the definition of a grumpy old man.

Does Eustace have teeth? ›

He has an enormous chin and false teeth, yet. they are actually his gums and Eustace can eat just fine even without teeth.

Who was Bunny's abusive ex? ›

Mad Dog is Bunny's abusive ex-boyfriend and the main antagonist of the episode The Mask.

What kind of dog is Courage? ›

Courage is the title character and protagonist of the series. An overly frightened pink beagle who lives in Nowhere, Kansas. Courage was abandoned as a puppy after his parents were sent into outer space, but was adopted by Muriel Bagge. Her husband Eustace regularly mistreats him.

What season is the mask on Courage the Cowardly Dog? ›

The Mask - Courage the Cowardly Dog (Season 4, Episode 113) | Apple TV. S4 E113: In a special two-part episode, Kitty, a dog-hating stranger wearing a mask, shows up at the farm. It's special.

Is Courage the Cowardly Dog for kids? ›

Parents need to know that this show isn't appropriate for any child young enough to believe in the reality of a cartoon character on any level. Every episode begins with Courage's owner's husband behaving in a nasty, abusive way to his wife and dog, and overall the show is about as violent and gross as it's possible…

What mental illness does Freaky Fred have? ›

Fred's dominant trait is his Trichotemnomania; an obsession with cutting/shaving people's hair to the point of complete baldness. He appears to be able to control his compulsions to a certain degree, but can't help himself when the opportunity is too great.

What was the last episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog about? ›


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