Dates of the train strikes in May and June 2023 and impact on traffic (2023)

British railways will face even more disruptionWMay and Junewith both RMT and Aslef connectionsorganize strikes.

Strikes were the order of the dayBecause the bitter collective bargaining disputes that have been going on since last summer are still ongoing.

drivers unionAslef announced three days of actionOne of these will affect the trip to the FA Cup final in London. The RMT strike continuesEurovision Song Contest 2023 Finalein Liverpool.

When are the rail strikes in May and June?

Engine drivers, represented by Aslef, set off:

  • Friday May 12th
  • Wednesday May 31st
  • Saturday June 3rd

TheJune 3strike coincides withFA-Cup-Finalbetween Manchester City and Manchester United at Wembley Stadium.

The RMT strike will take place onSaturday May 13th, coincides withEurovision-Finale.

How will this affect trains?

Here is a summary of how the strike on Friday and Saturday will affect each rail operator:

Avanti West Coast

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: Fewer trains than usual and only between 7am and 7pm, with the exception of some services to and from Liverpool, the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Friday: regular schedule.

Saturday: No major impact but all services operate to/from London Fenchurch Street and do not operate at London Liverpool Street or Stratford.

Caledonian sleeper

Friday: regular schedule.

Saturday: The Caledonian Sleeper does not operate on Saturday evenings.

Coley Chiltern

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: There are no trains north of Banbury.

Service will be limited to one train per hour in both directions between London Marylebone and Banbury, Oxford and Aylesbury via Amersham and only between around 9am and 9pm.

cross country racing

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: There are no direct services to or from Birmingham New Street and destinations such as Aberdeen, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow, Nottingham and Stansted Airport. Ongoing services are only offered between 7am and 7pm.

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East Midlands College

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: Services are offered from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

They will be limited to one train per hour in each direction between London St Pancras and each of Nottingham, Sheffield and Corby and on some regional routes such as between Derby and Matlock.


Friday: regular schedule.

Saturday: Elizabeth Line is not involved in a labor dispute with RMT but there will be some changes to their services. This does not include trains between Maidenhead and Reading before 7am or after 7pm.

Gatwick Express

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: There are no trains to Gatwick Airport other than Southern and Thameslink.

Grand Central

Friday: regular schedule.

Saturday: Grand Central is not involved in a labor dispute with RMT, but there will be minor changes to its services.

Great North

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: The service is limited and only available between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. There are no trains between Ely and King's Lynn.

Great Western Railway

Friday: Service is limited and only available between 7:30am and 6:30pm.

The only open routes are between: London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads; reading and didcot; Reading and Basingstoke; Reading and Redhill; Westbury and Swindon; Cardiff and Bristol; and Plymouth and Gunnislake. Night Riviera sleeper service has been discontinued.

Saturday: The service is limited and only available between 7:30am and 6:30pm. More routes will be open compared to Friday, including additions such as between London Paddington and Didcot Parkway; London Paddington and Cardiff; Slough and Windsor; and Penzance and Plymouth.

Great England

Friday: A reduced service operates between London's Liverpool Street and Cambridge, Norwich, Southend and Stansted Airports only.

Saturday: Trains run between 7am and 11pm. Some routes will have their frequency reduced, but most will follow a normal or near-normal course.

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Heathrow Express

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: No trains after 21:00.

torso trains

Friday: regular schedule.

Saturday: regular timetable.

London North East Railway (LNER)

Friday and Saturday: There is a limited timetable and only between London King's Cross and Edinburgh and Leeds.

London North West Railway

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: The service is limited and only available between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The only open routes will be between Birmingham New Street and London Euston, Birmingham International and Liverpool Lime Street respectively.

London above ground

Friday: regular schedule.

Saturday: London Overground has no labor dispute with RMT, but some of its services will see minor changes.


Friday and Saturday: regular timetable.


Friday and Saturday: not affected by strikes. Additional services will be introduced due to Eurovision.


Friday: No trains.

Saturday: Service is limited and only available between 8am and 5pm. Only a few routes will be open, for example between Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester; Leeds and York; and Darlington and Saltburn.


Friday and Saturday: regular timetable.

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Friday: No trains on the Isle of Wight. Services between London Waterloo and Exeter, in the Romsey area and on the suburban network will be limited.

Saturday: Reduced service applies and only between 7am and 7pm. The only open routes will be between London Waterloo and Windsor via Hounslow. Windsor via Richmond; Awaken; and Basingstoke; between Basingstoke and Salisbury; and on the Isle of Wight

South East

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: Service is limited as only 58 of the 180 stations are open. The trains that operate will be busier than usual and trains are expected to start later and finish earlier than usual.


Friday: No trains.

Saturday: Reduced rate applies. There are no trains between Hemel Hempstead and Clapham Junction. London Bridge and Norwood Junction; Southampton Central and Barnham; and Eastbourne and Ashford International.


Friday: The frequencies will be halved to one train per hour and direction.

Saturday: Frequencies are halved to one hour each way in each direction, trains run later and finish earlier than usual.


Friday: No trains.

Saturday: Services are split north and south, there are no services between London St Pancras and London Blackfriars.

TransPennine Express

Friday: No trains.

Saturday: The reduced timetable only operates between Liverpool Lime Street and Huddersfield, Preston and Sheffield and between Sheffield and Cleethorpes.

Transportation for Wales

Friday: regular schedule.

Saturday: Transport for Wales is not involved in a labor dispute with RMT but some of its services are disrupted.

Several stations such as Birmingham International, Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Piccadilly will only be open from 7am to 7pm.

College West Midlands

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Friday: No trains.

Saturday: The service is limited and only available between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The only open routes will be between Birmingham New Street and Wolverhampton, Rugeley Trent Valley and Lichfield Trent Valley; between Kidderminster and Whitlocks End/Dorridge; and between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town.

Why are train drivers on strike?

Aslef was already holding outEight days strikesince the fight started last summerlast for two days in early February. He fights for a more suitable offerInflation above 10%..

Union general secretary Mick Whelan said as of 2019 there had been no pay rises for train drivers at the 16 companies involved in the dispute.

He said last month: "Our executive committee met... and rejected the ridiculous proposal we received from the RDG." The proposal - just 4 per cent - apparently was not to be implemented as inflation is still above 10 per cent lies and our members in these companies have not received a salary increase for four years.

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When will the rail strikes take place in May and June 2023 and what impact will this have on trains?

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“The RDG, in turn, rejected our proposals to modernize Britain's railways and make them run more efficiently in the 21st century for both passengers and business.

“That is why we have announced three consecutive days of strikes on Friday 12 May, Wednesday 31 May and Saturday 3 June at the companies we are in dispute with, leaving passengers and taxpayers in as much Sting.

"We are also eliminating non-contractual overtime from Monday 15 May through Saturday 20 May, as well as Saturday 13 May and Thursday 1 June."

RDG spokesman saidI“This is disappointing news for our customers and employees. Further strikes are entirely unnecessary and will only add to the pressure on an industry already in the throes of an acute financial crisis.” plan to attend, disappointing.

"After weeks of negotiations with Aslef management, we have made a revised and fair offer, including an 8 percent salary increase over two years. This would result in overdue sensible improvements already being made in parts of the network where more trains would run on time for passengers. Unfortunately it was rejected.

"We urge Aslef's management to return to the negotiating table and work with us to find a solution to the problems facing our industry so we can provide our employees with the raises we've always wanted."

Why are RMT workers on strike?

last week itIt was announced that RMT members were supporting a continued strikeafter a new vote with an overwhelming majority.

Around 90 percent of the votes cast were in favor of further strikes, thus extending the union's industrial action mandate by a further six months.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said: "It is clear from these results that members are unwilling to accept a wage agreement based on massive job cuts and serious attacks on their working conditions."

"This sends a clear message to employers that the massive anger among railroad workers is very real and that they need to acknowledge this fact, face reality and come up with improved proposals."

A spokesman for the RDG said: "The result of the vote is disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising in an ongoing dispute like this."

"The vote that really counts is an agreement that's on the table with the RMT negotiators, but then gets spun out of control by their Executive Committee with unflattering words, leaving members without a single chance to comment.

"RMT members would be pardonable if they wondered why they were only offered a vote to prolong this dispute and never end it."

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Dates of the train strikes in May and June 2023 and impact on traffic? ›

Passengers have also been warned that services will likely be disrupted and start later on the day immediately following strike action. The combination means the country's railways will be in disarray for almost all of the week-long half-term school holiday next month.

Are there rail strikes in May 2023? ›

For strike action from Friday 12 May to Saturday 3 June 2023

Tickets for Friday 12 May or Saturday 13 May can be used on Thursday 11 May or up to and including Tuesday 16 May. Tickets for Wednesday 31 May can be used on Tuesday 30 May or up to and including Monday 5 June.

Are there train strikes in June 2023? ›

The RMT strike will be the day prior to the final, on Friday 2 June, and will involve 20,000 catering, station staff and train managers working for 14 companies, affecting train services throughout the country.

What are the dates of the rail strikes in 2023? ›

May and June 2023 train strike dates
  • Wednesday, May 31 (Aslef)
  • Friday, June 2 (RMT)
  • Saturday, June 3 (Aslef).
May 19, 2023

How will the railroad strike affect the United States? ›

A prolonged rail strike could create all types of shortages, from gasoline to food to automobiles, and cause a spike in the prices of all types of consumer goods. It can screw up the commutes of tens of thousands of workers who take the train to work, slow the delivery of parts and force factories to shut down.

Is there a chance of a rail strike? ›

A rail strike before the holiday season is a real possibility after a major union rejects contract brokered by the White House. The odds of a rail strike during the 2022 holiday season are increasing. After narrowly avoiding a strike in September, the U.S. rail companies could be about to run out of luck.

How much notice do rail strikes have to give? ›

How much notice will you give for a strike? Unions are obliged to give us at least 14 days' notice of any strike action.

Will train strikes continue in 2023? ›

When will the rail strikes end? Unless a deal on pay, job security and working conditions is reached between unions and rail operators, it's likely that strikes could continue for the rest of 2023.

What day is the train strike in July? ›

On 30 July, 5,000 members of ASLEF at eight rail companies, including Southeastern and West Midlands Trains, staged a 24-hour strike. A fifth day of RMT strike action went ahead on 18 August, with Network Rail signal workers from England, Scotland and Wales also joining the industrial action.

Will Amtrak be affected by the rail strike? ›

Yes, rail service not provided by Amtrak could be affected by a freight rail strike. Many passenger rail services operate on tracks owned by freight railroads, including Metra in Chicago and Maryland Transit Administration's MARC trains. More on that here.

When was the last US rail strike? ›

The last time US railroads went on strike was in 1992. That strike lasted two days before Congress intervened. An extended rail shutdown has not happened for a century, partly because a law passed in 1926 that governs rail negotiations made it much harder for workers to strike.

What is the date of the possible railroad strike? ›

No later than September 15, 2022 – If there is no resolution, Congress will have to pass a law settling the labor dispute, or else labor unions will be free to strike the railroads, shutting them down, on September 16.

Will there be rail strikes in February 2023? ›

When are the rail and train strikes in February 2023? National rail have confirmed strikes for Wednesday 1st February and Friday 3rd which will most likely cause disruption for three to four days.

What items will the rail strike affect? ›

Makers of food, fuel, cars and chemicals would all feel the squeeze, as would their customers. That's not to mention the commuters who would be left stranded because many passenger railroads use tracks owned by the freight railroads.

How much would a rail strike cost the US? ›

A strike would snarl supply chains ahead of the busy holiday season. A potential strike could cost $2 billion a day in lost economic output, according to the Association of American Railroads.

What foods will be impacted by the railroad strike? ›

Trains haul soybeans, corn, and grain which are used in things like cooking oil, flour and hygiene products. If trains stop running because of a strike, it could be hard to find these items in a store.

Will a rail strike affect the trucking industry? ›

How Railroad Strikes Could Impact the Supply Chain. In the event of a railroad strike, the train freight loads would have to be moved in a different way. This impact on the supply chain would be felt by nearly every business that relies on shipping, including the trucking and cargo ship industries.

How do you travel during a train strike? ›

Jump on a coach. Coach services like Megabus and National Express are still operating across the country throughout the strikes. Unlike the trains, if you secure yourself a coach ticket, then you're 100% guaranteed that you'll have a seat for the journey - a must-have if you're on a 5 hour long coach trip!

Do I get my money back if there is a train strike? ›

Yes, most rail operators will offer compensation if you are affected by the rail strikes, however, it will depend on the type of ticket you have and whether the rail operator runs a compensation scheme, most commonly referred to as a 'Delay repay' scheme.

What might a rail strike mean for the trucking industry? ›

The railroad system carries nearly 30 percent of the nation's freight, and a strike by those conductors and engineers would quickly bring the system to a stop.

Will there be more train strikes in September? ›

Update: 9 September 2022

Train drivers will strike on Thursday September 15 and Saturday 17 September 2022 as part of a long-running dispute over pay and conditions on the railway. There will also be another strike for 24 hours from midday on Monday September 26 until midday on Tuesday September 27 2022.

Who is striking on 12th May? ›

Members of the ASLEF union will take strike action on Friday, 12 May. ASLEF represents train drivers and therefore we will not be operating any trains.

Why are train strikes still happening? ›

Why have railway workers been on strike? Unions say any pay offer should reflect the rising cost of living - with the inflation rate currently above 10%. But the rail industry is under pressure to save money, after the pandemic left a hole in its finances.

Will there be train strikes in August? ›

What days are the train strikes in August happening? On August 18 and August 20, strikes are organised by the RMT and the scale of disruption will be similar to the industrial action we saw in June.

How far in advance can you buy train tickets? ›

Typically, train companies release their Advance tickets 12 weeks before the departure date, although some go on sale as far as 24 weeks in advance!

Do the train strikes affect the underground? ›

The strikes are likely to cause some disruption on national rail routes and services may also be disrupted by knock-on effects on the days prior to and following the strikes. We expect that the London Underground (Tube) will be running but may be busier than usual.

Why is Amtrak cancelling so many trains? ›

According to Amtrak, the cancellations are the result of a rail industry control system that continues to experience intermittent communication issues.

Why is Amtrak cancelling routes? ›

Amtrak said it is canceling all long-distance trips starting on Thursday amid a looming railway strike that could disrupt the U.S. economy, resulting in lost productivity of $2 billion a day. The potential work stoppage stems from a labor dispute between railroad companies and their unionized workforces.

Is Amtrak cancelling some long haul trains on threat of freight strike? ›

Amtrak announced Monday that it is preemptively suspending service on some of its long range routes, mostly out of Chicago, due to a looming freight rail strike. “Amtrak is closely monitoring the ongoing freight rail – rail labor contract negotiations. The negotiations do not involve Amtrak or the Amtrak workforce.

What was the longest railroad strike in history? ›

The Great Railroad Strike of 1922, commonly known as the Railway Shopmen's Strike, was a nationwide strike of railroad workers in the United States.
Great Railroad Strike of 1922
DateJuly 1, 1922 – September 1922
Caused byA cut in wages paid to maintenance workers
8 more rows

Which president stopped a railroad strike? ›

President Woodrow Wilson Addresses a Joint Session to Avert a National Railroad Strike.

What was the biggest railroad strike in history? ›

More than 100,000 workers participated in the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, at the height of which more than half the freight on the country's tracks had come to a halt. By the time the strikes were over, about 1,000 people had gone to jail and some 100 had been killed.

Has there ever been a rail strike in the US? ›

Rail unions engaged in brief strikes in both 1991 and 1992, but Congress used the Railway Labor Act to halt them, ordering workers back on the job and imposing a contract upon the workers.

What is the train strike 15th and 17th September? ›

More than 40,000 railway workers at Network Rail and 14 other operators will strike on 15 and 17 September over jobs, salaries and working conditions. The action is expected to effectively shut down both London and the UK's network as on 15 September the walkout will coincide with the train drivers' strike.

When did railroad workers threaten to strike? ›

Railroad workers first threatened to strike in July after more than three years of failed contract negotiations. The unions have generally pushed for a pay increase, better working conditions, relaxed attendance rules, and additional paid time off without fear of punishment.

Will the train strike affect groceries? ›

Bare shelves at stores

The railroads have announced plans to stop shipping refrigerated items ahead of the strike deadline, so there could be disruptions in deliveries of produce, meat and other items. Food producers also could be affected.

What would happen if the railroads shut down? ›

Railroads such as Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX and Norfolk Southern carry cars, coal, chemicals, grain, imported goods and other products and raw materials throughout the country. A shutdown — even a brief one — would delay critical shipments and ripple across the economy.

Will railroad strike affect gas? ›

A prolonged railroad shutdown will constrain the nation's fuel supply by disrupting the availability of ethanol, which is often an essential component of gasoline and diesel exhaust fluid, which most heavy- duty trucks need to run.

How much cheaper is rail than truck? ›

The difference between moving cargo via rail or truck is that rail freight is typically three to four times more affordable and fuel efficient. On the other hand, trucking allows for better access to delivery locations and facilitates cargo transport based on individual scheduling.

Why do rail workers strike so much? ›

The disputes are over pay, working conditions, and job security for railway workers. The unions are asking for workers' pay to reflect a higher cost of living caused by rising inflation. However, Network Rail says it can only offer higher pay after reforms to modernise the railway system have been agreed.

How many dollars a day would it cost if the railroad workers go on strike? ›

$2 billion a day

Railroads haul about 40% of the nation's freight each year. The railroads estimated that a rail strike would cost the economy $2 billion a day in a report issued earlier this fall.

What are the odds of a rail strike? ›

There Are Still Sticking Points. The probability of a rail strike in coming weeks has increased to 30%, according to an analyst.

Will there be another food shortage? ›

Food shortages look set to hit the world again in 2023. Not just a little shortage but grocery store shortages that will likely impact everyone. We should prepare for this crisis now, and by doing so, we may be able to prevent further crises.

How serious is the railroad strike? ›

Widespread economic impact. A strike would be a crippling blow to the US economy, which is still struggling with supply chain problems. Roughly 30% of the nation's freight moves by rail.

Will there be train strikes in March 2023? ›

19 March 2023

Strike action has been announced by the RMT union which will affect 18 train operating companies on the following dates: Thursday 16 March. Saturday 18 March. Thursday 30 March.

Are there train strikes on 13th May? ›

Workers at 16 train operating companies will be going on strike: Avanti West Coast. c2c (Saturday 13 May only)

What days are trains on strike in March 2023? ›

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) staged two days of train strikes in March in the long-running dispute with rail operators over pay, jobs and working conditions. Workers walked out on Thursday 16 and Saturday 18 March, with only around 40 to 50 per cent of train services running.

Are the train strikes cancelled? ›

No further rail strikes have been scheduled by RMT so far.

Who is striking 16th March 2023? ›

RMT members at 14 train companies took part in the first in a wave of four 24-hour on 16 March and 18 March, but suspended plans for rail strikes on 30 March and 1 April. It came after the RMT announced on Monday that union members at Network Rail had voted to accept a revised pay offer in a similar dispute.

What dates are the next rail strikes? ›

When are the next train strikes? Three upcoming rail strikes have been announced. Certain train operators will be impacted on Wednesday 31st May, Friday 2nd June and Saturday 3rd June 2023. This is also likely to impact some services on the mornings after the strikes.

Are trains running on 13th May 2023? ›

Saturday 13th May 2023 – No service after 21:00. Wednesday 31st May 2023 – No service all day.

Will there be rail strikes in August? ›

What days are the train strikes in August happening? On August 18 and August 20, strikes are organised by the RMT and the scale of disruption will be similar to the industrial action we saw in June.

What will happen if Amtrak goes on strike? ›

But Amtrak itself owns the tracks along the Northeast Corridor, its busiest route and largest revenue generator. A strike would put a crimp in the economy and disrupt an already overstretched supply chain, which has driven up the cost of consumer goods, fueling inflation.


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